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Expand Your Art Collection with Inspired Oil Paintings

Enjoy original oil paintings that capture the essence of their subjects when you add original art from PilarWayne.com to your collection. Orange, California, artist Pilar Wayne offers her collectible artwork to the public in order to share her outstanding talent and creative genius. Her works were created exclusively for your enjoyment and that of your friends and loved ones.

The Wonder of Nature

Pilar's works include a series of paintings that depict still nature. These picturesque scenes highlight the glory and tranquility of nature. Her choices of subject and color evoke a sense of calm and serenity.

Celebrate Femininity & Grace

Another source of Pilar's inspiration is the celebration of feminine strength and radiance. She offers multiple series on the subject of timelessly beautiful ladies, including belly dancers and "Glamour Girls."

Reminisce On Hollywood's Golden Age

Share in the memory of Tinseltown's glamorous past with this collection of paintings. Pilar shares a group of images inspired by the Hollywood world. Among these pieces are found depictions of John Wayne's films, as well as artistic representations of many of the legends of the entertainment industry.

Pilar and Celebrities

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